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Takeoffs and landings recorder for towing plane

Takeoffs and landings recorder for towing plane

This is a small ANDOID application useful for pilots on SEP specially for towing glider activity, and/or circuits.

This app is on development on March 2013 while the rain is falling and all the gliders are in the hangar.

You can freely install and use this app (with absolutely no guaranties)


This APP will create directory on your SDcard named a_TKoF.

After the first use two files will be created:

- airportsList.txt contains the localizations you've recorded.

- myPrefs.txt contains :
Recipient for email (yes you can email your records e.g. t o the cashier of you club ).

Radius is the distance where the plane is considered inside the airport zone. Tune this value as you like. For the moment a circle is considered, and maybe you’ll be logged in while the downwind phase !.

Txt2log is the text how is written in each line. E.g. plane and glider call sign.
StallSpeed is the speed how trigs the records in file1.

and so on...

The rest for another rainy day...

Try it and keep me informed about you suggestions.


April 10 2013

Version 1.5

The engine is now in a service (this avoid interuption by the OS)

Avoid sorting places further than 70Km for battery spare !


April 10 2013

Version 1.6

New loop. Less buttons, few debug.

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